What you can expect from our property managers?

We pride ourselves on top quality service, and achieving profitable results for our clients. We do this by focusing on…

1Maximising your ROI

We monitor the market and increase rent accordingly. We set the highest achievable rent on your investment property and conduct quarterly rental reviews to ensure you earn as much as you should.

2Positive cash flow

We understand cash flow is critical, that’s why we have a zero tolerance rent arrears policy. Our flexible payment structure means you will receive your income the same day funds are cleared.

3Quality service

Our rental property managers communicate with our clients frequently, provide itemised statements every month, and carry out repairs and maintenance quickly and efficiently.

4Lower vacancy rates

Our professional tenant management approach means we keep tenants longer, while our targeted marketing strategies ensure reduced vacancy periods. We have a large national tenancy database to ensure you have potential tenants lining up for your properties.

5Tenant selection

We take tenant selection very seriously and our real estate agency maintains a strong and professional relationship with all of our tenants. Our staff are trained to deliver and carry out high-end property management and prompt rent collections, prompt rent collections and regular rental reviews for your rental property.

6Improving your portfolio

We have designed and developed a number of practical investor tools and products to help you maximise your investment profitability.

These smart investor tools are used and endorsed by one of Australia’s most successful propertyinvestors, Nathan Birch.


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