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Your Investment is our Priority

At Blink, we don’t just manage your investment properties – we optimise them. Headed by Nathan Birch, our team of trusted professionals are investors themselves, so we understand how important it is to maximise rental income while keeping expenses and vacancies to a minimum. In fact, we see our clients’ portfolios as an extension of our own, making us more like an asset management firm than a real estate office.

Our Advantages

Cash flow management

Low vacancy rates in the business!

First class communication.

No hidden fees.

We’re experts in all things property.
We’re passionate about helping people.
We’re here to help you grow.
We’re here to foster your investments …

Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t shy away from rental increases. By regularly increasing rent you can turn a neutral cashflow into a positive one, improve your serviceability and grow your portfolio to new heights. If you are an investor building wealth, we know that your cashflow is an essential part of your livelihood and the key to helping you achieve financial freedom.
At Blink Property, we work first and foremost for our investors. While many real estate agencies take a pro-tenant approach, we make sure our landlords aren’t forking out for unnecessary expenses, while ensuring all urgent repairs are attended to without delay. We also make a point of keeping vacancies to a bare minimum to protect our clients’ bottom lines.
As an asset management firm, we aren’t in it to sell your property. We know how hard you have worked to get this far and we want to help you reach the next level. As part of our portfolio review service, we look at opportunities to reduce interest rates, add value through improvementsand improve overall strategy so you can accelerate your investment journey.

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